Why adopt?

  • Love and Life

    Good, Clean and Fair food quality is an act of civilization and a tool to improve the food system as it is today (slow food movement). Everyone can contribute through their choices and individual behavior.

  • Family

    Become part of the family, we are here to deliver excellence, a true Andalucían artisan experience. Your olive oil is guaranteed from Fernando’s Farm.

  • Visit us

    Know your olive tree, enjoy a visit any time you like and soak up some Andalucían culture.

  • For you

    You can choose your olive tree, name it, interact online and in person. This project is for those who know the source of their diet.

  • Cold Pressed Oil

    Your produce, cold pressed directly from the olive harvest, bottled immediately, and sent to you. We wholeheartedly subscribe to the Slow Food Manifesto for Quality.

  • £149

    Your tree, your produce, your family.

Your Pack

When you adopt an honest olive tree you receive:

  • Certificate of adoption with your name and the name of your tree.
  • 6 liters of fresh cold pressed premium quality extra virgin olive oil.
  • Access details for your up to date information from Fernando the farmer.

At the time of harvest (freshly cold pressed) 2024 October / Early November you will receive:

  • Six liters (12 x 500ml bottles) of freshly first cold pressed premium quality extra virgin olive oil.


Adopt now for great savings with our first summer saver offer. We harvest the picual olives in Cordoba at the premium date each year to create the world's best fresh olive oil. Get to know your tree, your produce, your family. Predicted harvest 2024 end of October early November

Variety - Picual
Region - Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain

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We are preparing the new sponsorship campaign for 2024, if you want to be informed, contact us.